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  • Remove Gridlines from Only Part of a Worksheet in Excel  
  • Remove Gridlines in Excel 2007 and Later  
  • How to Add Formatting to Cells and Data in Excel Styles, Fonts, Colors, & More  
  • Quickly Clear all Formatting in Excel  
  • Display Numbers, Dates, & Times in the Correct Format in Excel  
  • How to Arrange Data within Cells in Excel  
  • Highlight Rows that Meet a Certain Condition in Excel  
  • How to Add Boxes, Buttons, Arrows, Speech-Bubbles, Hearts, and More to a Spreadsheet in Excel  
  • How to View, Arrange, or Hide All Shapes, Charts, Pictures, Etc. in Excel  
  • How to View the Selection Pane in Excel When there are No Visible Objects  
  • Quickly Add, Edit, & Manage Business Specific Diagrams in Excel (SmartArt)  
  • Excel Formatting for Zip Codes and Phone Numbers  
  • Hide Data Within a Worksheet in Excel  
  • Show Fewer Decimal Places Without Losing Precision in Excel  
  • Quickly Copy Cell Formatting to Other Cells in Excel  
  • Shade Every Other Row in Excel Quickly  
  • Automatically Shade Every Other Row When You Add Data in Excel  
  • Stop Excel from Changing Numbers to Dates or Anything Else  
  • Easily Enter Fractions into Excel  
  • Make Professional Looking Rounded Buttons in Excel  
  • Center Titles Across Multiple Cells in Excel  
  • Get a Table Look with Only the Formatting in Excel  
  • Remove All Hyperlinks Quickly in Excel  
  • Insert Check Mark in Excel - 3 Ways - Incl. VBA and UDF  
  • Make Complex Formulas for Conditional Formatting in Excel  
  • Multiple Conditional Formatting Rules for a Cell in Excel  
  • 5 Easy Ways to Quickly Hide Data in Excel  
  • 6 Must Know Excel Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts  
  • Idiot-Proof Forms in Excel - Part 5 - Save Data from the Form  
  • Idiot-Proof Forms in Excel - Part 6 - View Saved Data in the Form  
  • Idiot-Proof Forms in Excel - Part 7 - Update Data  
  • Idiot-Proof Forms in Excel - Part 8 - Delete Data  
  • 3 Amazing Tricks to Add Alternate Row Colors in Excel  
  • yt embed test 3  
  • 8 Tips to Become an Expert in Conditional Formatting for Excel  
  • Prevent Images and Shapes from Resizing or Moving in Excel  
  • Copy Data or Formatting to Multiple Worksheets in Excel  
  • Use Colors to Organize Excel Tabs  
  • Fastest Way to Remove Formatting in Excel  
  • Apply Conditional Formatting to Multiple Cells with a Single Formula  
  • Easily Tab/Enter Through Input Forms in Excel - Faster/Better Forms in Excel  
  • Idiot-Proof Forms in Excel - Part 1 - Formatting  
  • Idiot-Proof Forms in Excel - Part 2 - Validation  
  • Idiot-Proof Forms in Excel - Part 3 - Macro & Error Display  
  • Idiot-Proof Forms in Excel - Part 4 - Protect Your Form  
  • Make Rounded Corner Cells in Excel  
  • Use Formatted Dates and Numbers within Other Text in Excel  
  • Highlight Important Excel Data With a Single Button Click  
  • 3 Quick Tips to Style Your Excel Sheets the Same  
  • 2 Simple Alternatives to Merging Cells in Excel