Use Colors to Organize Excel Tabs

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Did you know that you can add colors to your tabs in Excel? This is a great feature that is simple but extremely helpful when organizing large spreadsheets.

Steps to Add Color to Tabs and Organize Them

  1. Right-click the desired tab:
  2. Go to Tab Color and then select the desired color:
  3. The key is to make groupings of colored tabs so that it is easy to navigate large workbooks. You can re-organize tabs by holding the left-click button over a tab and then moving it around:

Now it is easy to see which data set is which and this will make it much easier for you to use this workbook.  Just make sure not to use colors that will annoy you later, such as bright yellow.

This is a simple tip but trust me when I say that it will make your life easier.  Download the accompanying workbook to see these colored tabs in action.

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Downloadable Files: Excel File 1, Excel File 2

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