Idiot-Proof Forms in Excel - Part 1 - Formatting

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How to make an IDIOT-PROOF Form in Excel! (Part 1)


Part 2 (Validation):

Part 3 (Macro & Error Display):

Part 4 (Protect the Form):


This tutorial shows you how to create a form within a regular worksheet in Excel that a user can never mess-up, edit, augment, change, or do anything with except input the data that they are supposed to input.

I show you how to force the user to use only certain cells for input; how to control the type and format of the data input into the spreadsheet; how to validate and apply special error-checking formatting to the form; and, then how to attach a macro and security features to the macro so that no one can ever change it without your permission.

This is the first part of a 4 part series and this tutorial will focus on the initial formatting and setup of the form.


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