Count Blank Cells in Excel

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How to count blank cells, including formulas that output a blank.


Count Blank Cells


Count Blank Cells

A blank cell is an empty cell and also a cell that contains a formula that outputs a blank. Note that a blank looking cell, one that contains only a space in it, will not be counted as blank.





Cells with Formulas

Note that cell A4 does have a formula in it; however, the formula outputs nothing, just a blank. As such, that cell is counted as a blank.


As you can see, 1 is not greater than 2 so "" is returned and output, which is a blank.

If you change the formula to result in TRUE or just put something between "" the blank count would be 1 because this cell would no longer be considered blank.


This is a simple function; just remember that it counts formulas that output nothing as blanks.

Download the spreadsheet for this tutorial to get this example in Excel.

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Excel Function: COUNTA(), COUNTBLANK()
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