Inventory Reorder formula (conditional formatting)


Hello Everyone, Dose anyone know any way to formulate a code for T-shirt inventory Reorder? 

For exmple, if i have  10 small blue and 11 meduim large and  a order came in for    8 small blue , and my reoder level is 10 how  can i formualte?

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That depends on what you want the output to be in Excel. Did you just want the inventory level for the shirts to go down by 8? Have a message pop-up and say that you need to re-order? Have the row of those specific shirts turn red, or another, color, when their level gets below a certain point? Etc.
don (rep: 1745) Mar 23, '17 at 10:27 pm
Yes i would like for that row to turn another color to let me know time to reorder 
phoneguy (rep: 8) Mar 24, '17 at 12:43 am
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To turn the row another color, you need to use conditional formatting.

Go to the Ribbon menu > Home tab > Conditional Formatting > New Rule > Use a formula to determine which cells to format.

Enter a formula like this:


A1 would be the cell that contains the inventory level. The dollar sign in front of the column letter is very important and must remain there but it must NOT be in front of the row number.

Then, click the Format button and choose a color from the Fill tab.

Once you make this rule, go to Conditional Formatting > Manage Rules and look to your new rule and change the Applies to section to be the same size as your table of data.

Here is a link to one of our many tutorials on this topic: Conditional formatting in Excel



not sure for some reason it is not working it stuck on one thing everything is #name
phoneguy (rep: 8) Mar 24, '17 at 1:35 pm
Edit your question and attach a sample workbook and i can take a look.
don (rep: 1745) Mar 25, '17 at 4:57 am
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