Link to Cells on Other Worksheets in Excel

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It is very easy to link one cell to another cell in Microsoft Excel. The steps needed are listed below as well as pictures for every step.

  1. Double-Click the desired cell in Excel. The cursor should now be flashing in that cell.
  2. Type an equals sign "=" - without the quotes.
  3. Select the tab that contains the cell to which you want to link.
  4. Select the desired cell.
  5. Hit Enter.

Thats all there is to linking cells between different worksheets in Excel.

Note: If you are linking to this cell within a formula or function and need to go back to the original worksheet or tab in Excel, you must first enter something after you have selected the desired cell.

  • If this is used as an argument in a function, enter the comma after the argument and then you can navigate back to the original tab.
  • If you are adding (summing) two cells, enter the plus sign after you select the cell and then you can move back to the original worksheet or tab.

Link to cells on other worksheets or tabs in Microsoft Excel in pictures:

  1. Step 1 - Link Cells Worksheets

  2. Step 2 - Link Cells Worksheets

  3. Step 3 - Link Cells Worksheets

  4. Step 4 - Link Cells Worksheets

  5. Step 5 - Link Cells Worksheets

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