Reset a Worksheet with a Button Click

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How to reset the values, formatting, and formulas for an entire worksheet with a single button click.

This allows you to clear or reset Excel templates, forms, inputs, ranges, and more wth ease.

This tutorial does use VBA and macros, but they are covered in such a way that anyone can follow the examples and apply the techniques to their own project, regardless of programming skill or knowledge.

You will also learn how to use the Macro Recorder to easily figure out how to do new things in VBA.

Code to Clear a Cell 

Worksheets("Input").Range("D3").Value = ""

Input is the name of the worksheet.

D3 is the cell to change.

Code to Reset a Cell's Value 

Worksheets("Input").Range("D3").Value = "10"

Input is the name of the worksheet.

D3 is the cell to change.

10 is the value to put into the cell.

Additional Resources

Macro Recorder (Microsoft's Page)

Clear Values Method for VBA (Microsoft's Page)

Downloadable Files: Excel File

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