Help with formulas to add and subtract $ amounts


I work at a school that does everything manually for the cafeteria accounts i am wanting to make my own account sheets to make it easier on myself and be more efficent. I am goint to attach a file to see how i have it set up.

Here is what i need:

D2 is the begining balance( can be 0 or negative) need this amount to show in total before i begin adding and subtracting.

Deposits in B and Charges in C. I need the Deposits to add to the Total and have the Charges subtract from the Total.

Total is E35.

I am new to all of this and am not really sure about how to use the formulas and stuff.

all the other worksheets i use in excel are already made for me i just put in the info

if someone could help that would be great!



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Wherever you want the total to display put this formula:


It assumes that your deposits and charges won't go below row 500, but, if they will, just replace 500 in the above formula with a higher number like 10000.

Also, being so fresh in Excel, I would recommend you taking at look at our Intro to Excel tutorials. They will help bring you up to speed on Excel.



Thank you so much for the help!! I will look into that.
Lisa09 (rep: 2) Aug 22, '16 at 2:21 pm
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