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I am using Excell to calculate codes to enter into an e2prom to generate frequencies in a radio being used for ham radio purposes. I divide the required frequency by 0.00625 to get a number which is converted to hexidecimal. When I divide 145.00 by 0.00625 I get 23200 which is correct but when I divide the next frequency of 145.0125 I get 23201 instead of 23202 then the next frequency is 145.025 and dividing by 0.00625 the result is 23204 which is correct. Before I had excell I used the spreadsheet in Microsoft Works and using the easycalc function in that the results always were correct. Can anyone help please.





I get the correct Answer and I'm using Excel 2010.

Maybe there is a rounding issue that you are not seeing.

In the cells with the numbers, select them, go to the Home tab and in the Number box click Increase Decimal a few times. Make sure you can see everything and then re-try the calculations.


I'm not sure if I understood the question, so according to that:

When you divide two numbers by formula

Like 145 by 0.00625 don't take the answer value and divide it again 

But reference it by that formula

for example

If 145 in cell A1 and 0.00625 in cell B1 formula should be =A1/B1 in cell C1

and not =145/0.00625

And the same thing if you divide that value so you put after that in cell D1 for example =C1/B1

And be sure to format the cell to see the decimals and also don't use the Round and other formulas that do similar thing


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