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Excel & Email (Outlook)


Dear All,

I have copy/paste the following formula on excel sheet to send outlook emails by clicking on a specific word. This formula is running well on some computers but not in others.

For example on my computer I clik on a specific word and it opens the outlook app whith email ready to send just being necessary to press the normal button to send it. Which is what I want !!!

In other computers the outlook app does not open, instead a webpage wants to open.Don't know why.

Can you please help me understanding what is the issue.

IF($S7<>"";IF($V7="Submitted";"EMAIL →";IF($T7<>"";HYPERLINK("mailto:"&$T7&"?subject="&"SR"&$H7&"_"&"GdC_Request Creation"&"&CC="&DADOS!$CA$6&";"&$G7&"&Body="&"This is an automatic email";"Send");""));"")




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Assuming your nested IF formula above has valid entries in the various cells it uses (you didn't supply a file so I couldn't check), for those computers it fails on I think you should check:

  1. That they are running Excel version 2007 or later (HYPERLINK works with all)
  2. That in Windows, the Default App for Email is set as Outlook

For example, the heart of your formula is a HYPERLINK equation and the attached sample file has this formula in C9:

=HYPERLINK("mailto:" & C3 & "?subject="&C5 &"&cc="&C4&"&body="&C6, "Click to send email")

where it picks up data from the named cells to create a link. If cell C9 is clicked (which shows the friendly name bit in bold above), it creates an email for me. If, in Windows, I go Settings/Apps/Default Apps, I see the Email  default is Outlook. If I click that icon and change it to Chrome (say) then click C9 again, it opens the browser rather than Outlook. This seems the most likely problem. (Don't forget to change it back to Outook if you try!)

Hope this helps.


Hi John,

yes, right! not an example of how to create a formula, but it is working :)

And many thanks for your big help. Went to settings and changed the way to open emails and worked. Brilliant!



Great. Thanks for selecting my Answer, FREX.

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John_Ru (rep: 6042) Feb 14, '23 at 6:20 am
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