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Programming text in Betting system outcome progressions


Hi everyone! Thank you for allowing me into this forum, and i hope not to irritate anyone with my series of questions and troglodyte ignorance.

Learning how to get better at Excel and i chose the world of gambling to help me in my quest to take my super basic (sort of sad and lame) skills to another level.  Would love some help and to learn a lot along the way.  I'm starting with the game of Baccarat. 

I am trying to take text such as the words "Player" "Banker", "Tie", or even P, B, T to keep it simple, and assign values based on the most common betting systems known such as "Martingale" "Parolli" "D 'Alembert" etc.  They all do either a positive or negative progression

What is the SIMPLEST way to program the conditions as the conditions change over time??? I think these are the 3 areas i need to settle out correctly as follows:

Column A. need to both program the texts in each series of cells, but ALSO

Column B. Program the texts as betting outcomes to generate a decision based on these well known negative and positive progression betting systems to generate a +/- dollar outcome. THEN

Column C. I need the unit / dollar amounts in the 3rd column to add up correctly, according to the conditions + outcomes based on conditions in column's A & B. 

*** Since decisions change according these pos / neg progression systems, as one moves through a series of bets, I need to program the cells to respond according to the outcomes over the course of what is known as a shoe / combination of 6 or 8 decks of cards.  

Since i'm a novice, I'm not sure what's the best AND ALSO the easiest way to program the cells to achieve the desired result.  I'm fine with manually programing each cell as needed to get the skeletal structure of the various conditions, and then take it from there by copying and pasting cells or whatever. . Moving on from one betting system to the next according to the available simulated Baccarat outcomes that already exist on the internet (like Wizard of Odds and many others).

So team! ( : Whats the best way to go about it solving this issue through excel?     

P.S. Look forward to meeting you all as this is my first time on this forum. Thank you in advance ( : 




Hi SD666 and welcome to the Forum. Sorry but I really don't know what your question means (I have no interest in gambling). I'm sure SUMIF can be used but I don't know how you intend to change system.   In column A you have used "B " (not "B") and added the figure "34" to cell A79 (the number of cells with "B "). Excel can calculate that using the COUNTIF function. Copy this and paste into A79:

=COUNTIF(A2:A76,LEFT(B79,1)&" ")
and it will give 34. Copy that down and it will do the same for "P " and "T " (since LEFT has taken the first character of B79 etc).   Likewise adding the values in column C would use SUMIF like this (for C79):
=SUMIF(A2:A76,LEFT(B79,1)&" ",C2:C76)
(and you can copy down to rows 80 and 81) but you have lots of values "1700" in column C so the value may be wrong at present.   Hope this helps (in which case please mark this answer as Seelected)  

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