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Excel if statement. Urgent request


Hi Team,

Could you please help me with the right if excel formular that will show me the overheads costs per student if the number increases/decrease.

Also what will happen if only one course categories that changes , will it impact the entire student costs?

Please see attached file




Hi Sie,

Looking at your file I made these assumptions: Col B – current number of students, Col C – next year's estimated number of students. Your existing IF formula in Col G only has two small errors – which is the B3=E3 and the IF TRUE and IF FALSE are the same. Firstly, B3 is a number and E3 is a percentage – you are comparing "apples to oranges".  Change E3 to C3 so you are comparing # of this year students to # of next year students. The result IF TRUE can stay the same but change the IF FALSE to D3/C3.

However, since Col G is the "next year overhead" per student you could just have the formula =D3/C3

Did you find the file I posted in reply to your July 20th post helpful?




Hi Willie,
Thanks for coming back to me 
I appreciate your previous support as well.

On this question what if the new number is unknown and number changes to any number how will I rework the formular. so that the changes will impact on the overhead per student?
siehartley2001 (rep: 10) Jul 28, '22 at 1:23 pm
Hello Sie,   In your new file you have removed the estimated number of next year students. Therefore, in Col F it is impossible to estimate the cost per student if the number of students is not known. To determine/calculate the overhead per student two things are required: the total overhead cost and the number of students.   My previous solution tackles your concern. Just enter the formula =D3/C3 in Col G as I have suggested; then change the number in Col C and you will see the Overhead Amount in Col G change accordingly.   Also, did you find the file I posted in reply to your July 20th post helpful?
WillieD24 (rep: 150) Jul 28, '22 at 4:25 pm
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Please see my revise file



You should update your original question and add the new file to it. It's easier to follow that way.
don (rep: 1979) Jul 30, '22 at 7:25 am
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