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When a question on the forum has a answer submitted but not yet selected as 'the' answer, should it say that there is an answer pending approval or something like that rather than saying 'No Answer'? - just a thought of mine but you probably have better ones!

Keep up the good work


I have thought about this and I'm not sure what the best way to do it is. Thats why I use "Replies" to say how many "answers" were submitted but now that posts are being made sometimes there are actual answers that just haven't been selected.

The thing is that you can have wrong "answers" and that's why the user didn't select any. So, I'm not sure what will work best but I'm open to try some things to see how it goes. I will probably try this on the private test forum (not the Excel one) and see how that works there first.

What do you think about telling people when they have a new post/comment, do you get the email notifications or did you turn those off? I'm asking because I'm not sure that email is the best way to do it. I'm thinking that having a kind of notification system when you come back to the forum that says "1 new answer" or "Your answer was selected, you have +10 points" might let people better know what is going on.

Personally I prefer email notification as the best option. 

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