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excel chart issue


I just created a excel chart as attached but I found 2 problems

1) the fisrt date of the data source should be 12/3/2021 , but as you can see in the chart , the first date of x-axis is 4/1/2021 , so that this is a gap in the chart ( as shown <-------> ) , could advise how to change the x-axis first date is 12/3/2021 ?

2) as you can see , the y-axis is -200 , 0 , 200 , 400 , how to remove -200 ?

Thanks much



Once again you need to attach an Excel file so we can see what you've done. Please refer to my Answer to your previous question (and guidance on attaching a file)
John_Ru (rep: 3222) Apr 21, '22 at 9:20 am
Did you see my Answer below? Seems that the email alerts stopped working (following a site update) so you may have missed it.
John_Ru (rep: 3222) May 6, '22 at 12:32 pm
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You haven't attached an Excel file (the only type which can be added to a question or answer) or said (in your Profile) which version of Excel you are using but let's say you added a line chart....

To change the start date in recent versions of Excel, right click on the x axis (dates) and pick Format Axis... Make sure under Axis Type that Date in set. Then,  under Bounds, change the Minimum from (International format) 04/01/2021 to 12/03/2021. You may need to change the Maximum and the Major units too for a neat Axis (but I can't see your data).

Likewise for the y-axis, right click that, pick Format Axis... then change Minumum from -200 to 0 etc.

Don't forget to mark this Answer as Selected if it solves your problem. Otherwise, please attach an Excel file (as I reqiested before).

Also, I suggest you follow the Excel Tutorials hyperlink above and look in the section Charts and Graphs in Excel to find out more about this subject.


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