modifying code copy data from userform to the next columns



after searching   long  time  I' v found  this  subject   and  the  file  is for  MR. Variatus

he  achieved  this  project  excellantly   actually  I'm new in vba  so  I   hope  from him  or  anybody  help  to  mod  the  code ,   I added two textbox  on userform   PUR and SELL to   add the  values  what  I want  if  I add a new brand  the code  works  insert a new  and  fill the  data but  what  i  miss to be  add values  to  the next empty column every  month add three column   and  if  I  add the  values  to  brand has already existed  it  should not  insert  a new row and  fill it  just  add  the  values  to  the  next empty  columns  because it's existed  I add some  comments inside  the  file  if  it's not  clear  please inform me

thanks in advance 



Hello Hasson,
Welcome back.
This forum is called "TeachExcel". The idea is, someone asks a question and he gets a smart answer, many people will want to learn from it. Your post has no question, only a task descripton. You don't want an answer, only get the job  done. I think this thread isn't good for the forum because no one will learn anything from it.
Variatus (rep: 4729) Mar 16, '21 at 6:29 am
thanks  but  my  request  has  Idea   it's  very  important  to  add  the  values and  copy  data  differently  it  copy  to  the  next column  not as  usual copy  to  the  next row  and   I've  found  it  doesn't  logical  to add  the  brands  without  any  value   if   you  search   to  take  advantage  and teach  from this  forum  the others members  as  you say  will find  in  my  request  any  way  thank  you  for  the  feedback  and  i hope  accept  my  view 
by the  way  this  the  first   post  I  issue  , may be  I misunderstood  the  restrict constrains  in  this  forum   how  should  issue  the  post 
my  apologies!
Hasson (rep: 2) Mar 16, '21 at 3:19 pm
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