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 I have an excel file in which some data is written in Row 1.But this data is not appearing properly.When i double click in the row ,the data appears properly.

Please assist how to make it properly readable and printable.

Thank You




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The height of row 1 is set to 55.25 pt which isn't enough to display the text you wrote into it. When you double-click (enter edit mode) the row expands to show the entire text. I think I cured the problem by adjusting the row height to 72 points.

However, I suspect that this may not be the final solution. Your string in row 1 has 291 characters plus some special formatting. I would be reluctant to enter more than 255 characters into a cell, especially if it is merged and parts of the text has special formatting. Excel isn't really a very good text processor and with the demands you are putting on cell A1 in this regard you just might hit its limits. If increasing the row height doesn't solve the problem try breaking up the cell contents into two or more rows. Consider using a shape to contain the text.



Thank You for reply.

KDRAGHU (rep: 16) Dec 4, '19 at 11:05 am
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