Time limit in Excel ?


I have been pasting data into an Excel chart every month for 10 years. Now it looks like no pasting has happened since the 10 years passed. Could it be that some time limit is being applied to my Workbook ?




This reminds me of the question how long one may park on a motorway lay-by. The answer is as long as the vehicle registration remains valid (because a vehicle without valid registration isn't permitted on the motorway of which the lay-by is a part).

No, nothing in Excel prevents data from being updated. But over the period of 10 years there have been changes to Excel. It seems like you are talking of an automated process and the macro written a decade ago may contain code no longer understood. The answer to your riddle must be looked for in the process.

Or look at the interpretation of the data in the chart. It may be designed to read data of a range limited to 120 rows. That may have seemed plenty 10 years ago but now the new data added at the bottom just aren't included in the chart any longer.



No macros are involved. How would I get over a 120 row limitation ? In any one month, a maximum of 31 rows are added; if there is recalculation, then 10x12x31 is the maximum number of rows involved in the ten years.
Sebastian42 Nov 2, '19 at 8:34 am
Well, 10*365.25 is indeed greater than 120. But I was thinking of one entry per month. The point is that your chart refers to a specific worksheet range. If that range isn't set dynamically, the daily data must be added outside that range sooner or later, perhaps after 10 years. Any data outside the specified range will not be reflected in the chart.
After a decade the knowledge and forethought that went into creating your system is long forgotten. It isn't Excel that sets the limitation. Look for a silly detail you didn't have the opportunity to remember. Post your workbook. Let's take a look.
Variatus (rep: 4148) Nov 2, '19 at 11:05 am
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