Compare data


(data are mobile numbers)

I have a data in column A of sheet name abc

i have one more sheet name def it also has data in column A

i have one more sheet Fake Data that also has data in column A

I have one more sheet Completed  that also has data in column A

I have one more sheet name Missing Data that also has data in column A

now what i want is.....

match column A of abc sheet with column A of def sheet  if it matches then delete  that data in column A  of def and the data which are not matched  compare that data with Fake Data and if matched then delete and again if there will be unmatched data then compare that data with complete data if found then delete and again if there will be unmatched data then copy that data and paste it to missing data sheet in column A and delete all the data in def 

all this i have to do by vba only so plz help 



Hi sunny852. Please confirm my understanding of you requirements and data. in abc entry 1234 also appears in def. 1234 will be delete from def. go to next abc record 5678 is not in any other column so add it to missing data. next record 91011 is the same as 5678 as is 12131415 as is the next record. and that would be it as far as populating missing data. clear contents in def then finish?
k1w1sm (rep: 197) Oct 31, '19 at 3:31 pm
Why does this have to be done using VBA? It looks like you need a list of unique values. Why produce such a list by comparing and deleting? Why not compare and extract? Normally, one doesn't delete any data. Instead, one creates copies because in that way the process can be repeated if necessary. Instead of describing how code should work I suggest you describe the result you need and let us figure out how best to produce it.
Variatus (rep: 4088) Oct 31, '19 at 7:46 pm
no sir we have to compare def sheet data with sheet abc,Fake Data,Completed,Missing Data. in missing data sheet only def sheet data will be pasted which are missed which are not present in any of the sheets  see the sample file sir see the missing data result sir
variatus mam result i already putted in the missing data plz see the sample file mam and i am looking for vba code only mam 
sunny852 (rep: 2) Oct 31, '19 at 10:27 pm
Sorry sunny, your data are insufficient for testing. You also say that they are of the wrong data type (numbers instead of text). Using the wrong data type no VBA can be written. Having insufficient data for looping will give you a program that works but doesn't loop. Asking me to spend 3 hours to write a program for you is one thing. Refusing to sit down for an hour and create a working demonstration of what you want is another. I'm not enthusiastic but you can try and change my mind.
Variatus (rep: 4088) Oct 31, '19 at 10:44 pm
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