Tamil Digits


The following regarded as Tamil digits:

௧ = 1

௨ = 2

௩ = 3

௪ = 4

௫ = 5

௬ = 6

௭ = 7

௮ = 8

௯ = 9

When I want to use functions like CONCATENATE, instead of these numerals, the other numerals appear. (See example below)

<om>A 1</om>

<om>S 2</om>

<om>D 3</om>

<om>F 4</om>

<om>G 5</om>

<om>H 6</om>

<om>J 7</om>

<om>K 8</om>

<om>L 9</om>

How can I retain the Tamil digits like below?

<om>A ௧</om>

<om>S ௨</om>

<om>D ௩</om>

<om>F ௪</om>

<om>G ௫</om>

<om>H ௬</om>

<om>J ௭</om>

<om>K ௮</om>

<om>L ௯</om>



Selected Answer

You can only concatenate strings of the same font. Said differently, the result of a Concatinate function will be displayed in the font applied to the cell containing the formula.

The Tamil font from which you take the numerals probably also has Latin characters. You should be able to concatenate a Latin "A" and a Tamil "1" provided both are written in the same Tamil font. To test:-

  1. Format A1:B2 with the same Tamil font.
  2. Write a Tamil "1" in A1
  3. Write the Latin "A" in A2
  4. Write the formula =CONCATENATE(A2, " ", A1) in B2

If you don't get the desired result, post the workbook in which you made the test attached to your question.



Thank you for your reply. I do understand what you mean and double-checked. But, still, Tamil numerals changed to Latin numerals.

I also can't attach the Excel file here as no utility bundle. Are there any other means I can communicate with you?

Thank you.
rawangjohnson (rep: 2) Jul 28, '19 at 10:33 am
I also tried the Mail Merge method in MS Word. The result is the same as above.
rawangjohnson (rep: 2) Jul 28, '19 at 10:40 am
Click the Edit button below your original post. In Edit mode, scroll  down to the bottom of your post. There is a button with the caption "Add Files to this post" (or words to that effect). I think the button is below the Submit button. Lots of people can't find it at first. Once you press that button you will be able to browse for the file to attach. Only Excel workbooks can be attached. Click Submit when you are done.
Variatus (rep: 4148) Jul 28, '19 at 8:39 pm
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