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Hi Team, 

I have a problem, I have a data set of an average of 5k records, 3 key important columns Column A has Agent Name, Column B has Average handle Time and Column c has customer number.

I want to calculate the repeat call for each agent based on how many times customer of the same number called in.

can i get help with this?



Hi Sam, You "want to calculate the repeat call for each agent based on how many times a customer called". Not clear. How to "calculate the repeat call"? In fact, what is a "repeat call"? It would seem that you want not an extra column in your existing sheet but a table on another tab. If you would post a workbook with and abbreviated data sheet and the design of the output table (perhaps with a few results manually filled in for demonstration) your requirement would become clear.
Variatus (rep: 3543) Jul 12, '19 at 5:16 am
Hi Variatus, 

have attached a sample of the raw file, the columns that will use to calculate is Column F which is agent Name, column I call duration and column K which is customer number. hope this helps 
Sam Lee (rep: 2) Jul 12, '19 at 8:50 am
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Your question isn't clear because you don't specify an output location or output format. However, the formula below might help you.


Paste it into cell N2 of your sample worksheet and copy down. The formula returns the exact same values from column I. Now copy K2 to K13, creating a duplicate of that number being called by the same agent. Both N2 and N13 reflect the change.


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