Doubt in allocation


i have generation from various statements. i want to allocate this to customers proportionally.

I have derived statement wise total proportional units upto which the customer is eligible.

I have to allocate this proportional units to the customers as slot wise with proportion to the slot wise generation. 

By doing this the following criteria should get tally.

1.Proportional units should be allocated to the customers

2.The closing banking should not be less than zero

3.Net value of total allocation should not be more than the planning as slot wise.

Please find the attached file. in this i am done a sample allocation but the alloted unis is more the planning to be allocated.

kindly advise me. if any doubt plz contact me in 09176380104.



Please modify your question to include at least one sample calculation either in the question text and/or in the attached worksheet.
Variatus (rep: 3543) Jun 26, '19 at 3:43 am
i have modified and made my sample allocation. but in this method the allocation is more than the requirment. i wnt to manually do the correction. so i want clear logical formula for my query.
Praveenrvpk93 Jun 27, '19 at 7:18 am
After an hour of looking at your problem I decided not to engage with it. I have a problem with your language: don't understand terms like "statement wise" or "slot wise". I have a problem with your template: some tables have columns for "Peaks", others for "statements", neither of which or their relationship is defined. I failed to identify which number or numbers are to be calculated, and while you do give sample results you don't state how to calculate them. I gave up when I realised that you don't have an Excel problem at all which would be the case if you knew how to calculate and wanted a formula for what you know. Here it seems that your question is how to calculate.
Variatus (rep: 3543) Jun 27, '19 at 9:19 pm
Thanks for the response.
Praveenrvpk93 Jun 28, '19 at 6:01 am
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