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Respected Sir,

I was searching on google and find out your website.

I need your help to ask you i have a excel work sheet which i want to share with my clients but i want them only to see the data not to mess with it. i wana give my sheet looks like a software or somthing like that. is it possible if i send excel work sheet to any one when he open he can only view full screen no ribbons nothing he can only search for his relevant detail or data e cant edit or copy or delet.

Pls help me regarding this matter is it possible in excel or m just wasting my time rying to do it in excel please do let me know. 

also let me know how i can share my excel file with u 

m relly thank full to you 




Hi and welcome!

To add a sample file just Edit your question and there will be a button at the bottom of the screen that lets you upload the Excel file.

Searching for user data can be done many different ways and it all depends on exactly what you want to do - I'd ask a new question for this specific issue and make sure to include a sample file and a detailed explanation of what you are trying to do - also make sure to try yourself before asking for a full solution as we are happy to help, but not free consultants ;).

As for the interface, you will need to use a macro to achieve the desired result. Look at this tutorial of ours to get all the information you need for that (it requires quite a few steps):

Hide the Excel Interface and Show Only Data


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