darts scorer vba?


hi all newbie here. love reading the forum for tips

I'm not the best with macros (slow learner) 

so i've started a darts scorer with macros ie 180 button 140 button ect ect with 1 to 5 finishing choses which work fine :-) so here is my problem(s)

  1. cant work out how to only move the cursor to k5-m5 k6-m6 and so on to k20-m20 down the columns? 
  2.    when 501(k21 or m21 reaches 0 adds +1 value to i5 or o5 1st one to zero wins the 1 in stead of pressing a win button on the player and resetts k21and m21 to 501?
  3. last but not least is there a way of making it call the numbers ie say i score/type 100 i hear it say 100 which i have all media file on pc 

posted the sample file  

help much appreciated



This is pretty interesting for sure but you will have to tackle this in chunks, especially on the forum. How about either editing your post or asking a new question and uploading the sample file that you made, and then let's work on it bit by bit.)
don (rep: 1715) Mar 26, '19 at 2:48 am
hi don cheers 
uploaded the file hope thats ok 
dave the rave 1 Mar 26, '19 at 4:10 pm
Sure, I'll take a look at it this week - can't promise when as I'm a bit busy though.
don (rep: 1715) Mar 27, '19 at 5:06 am
cheers don no rush.
dave the rave 1 Mar 27, '19 at 4:08 pm
hi Don 
have you forgot about me
dave the rave 1 Apr 29, '19 at 5:04 pm
I totally did, lol sorry! It's on my list of things to look into :)
don (rep: 1715) May 2, '19 at 3:59 am
cheers don 
dave the rave 1 May 2, '19 at 3:55 pm
hi don
have you forgoton me again :-(
dave the rave 1 Jun 12, '19 at 5:53 pm
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