If I have created a hyperlink and then insert a line in the original file, how do I get the hyperlink to update to the correct line number automatically?




You speak in riddles, my friend. However, you can create a hyperlink using this function.

=HYPERLINK([Hyperlink address], [Name to display])

Both variables are strings (meaning text - and therefore enclosed in quotation marks). I tried this variation.

=HYPERLINK("https:/www.bing.com","My search")

Both variables can be obtained from referenced cells. That might look like this:-


How this formula might know which is the "correct line number" is a secret yet to be lifted. However, it is thinkable that A2 could either hold a dropdown or be filled depending upon the selection from a dropdown and that C1 might have the same dependency or be the source itself. In that case you might select "Uncle Ed" from a drop-down in C1 which causes A2 to to display the address in B40 which might be "http:/www.Ancestors.com". The point is that you could use any of the myriad of ways Excel offers to vary the contents of both A2 and C1 thereby varying the function of a single hyperlink.

Observe in this regard that I suggest absolute addressing for the cells the hyperlink references. If you make the row address realtive, for example $B40) you could create a series of hyperlinks, each referencing another row, by copying the formula down to other cells.


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