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I created 1  workbook named sara ver 7.0.xlxm that contains macros, around 50 sheets and contains so many formulae.

And i sent this to my friends all over State, all my friends downloaded and gave their school students  data's.

After that i modified some changes in that workbook and named sara ver 7.1.xlxm.

If i send this new workbook to our friends, how can they updated the old workbook without loosing entered student data's.

How to do this?

Please give solution.



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Chhabi Acharya (rep: 109) Aug 16, '18 at 6:49 pm
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You might provide a program to the recipients which they can run to do one of the following.

  1. Apply the changes you made to your workbook to theirs, or
  2. Import the data from their workbook into yours to create a combined and updated copy.

I would guess that the second method should be easier because (a) it doesn't touch the recipients' data and (b) you can know that anything found in the other workbook that isn't contained in yours must belong to the recipient. If such changes affect formulas, however, the differences may be irreconcilable. Basically, if there are multiple recipients and they have been working with their copies of the workbook there is no telling what may have been done.

The project may be too big and too difficult to succeed but it must start by looking minutely at the changes you have made, one by one, and considering the implications of each change.


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