Accounting Carry Forward Totals"


I am using Excel spreadsheets to track accounuing data.  Currently I have 12 worksheets ook to track accounting data for a 1 year eriod.  I use individual links from the cell in the last worksheet to carry forward the previous total to the new worksheet.  This creattes more than 50 links from worksheet to worksheet.

I would like to see if VBA or another mehtod that would allow for individual sheets in a monthyl workbook to achieve this task.  Any ideas?


Paul Roberts




You should use a simple worksheet function, like,

='Previous Sheet'!$F39

In this example Previous Sheet is the name of the worksheet from which you want to copy the C/F value. It must be surrounded by apostrophes if the name includes a space. Excel will ignore (and remove) the apostrophes where not needed but can't add them. The worksheet's name is followed by an exclamation point.

F39 is the cell reference from which to copy the B/F value. Any valid way to specify the cell can be used. For your application the row number may not be known and a formula may be used to find it (last row in a specific column, for example).

When you set up a new sheet just copy the formula from the previous and change the sheet name. If you have several cells referencing the same sheet you can use Find/Replace to do that.


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