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i have values in in two tabs. in third tab i used formula and got the values by simply dragging (for the the two tabs). now in the same (3rd tab) i want to multiply each and every cell with a single  value. if i fix that cell and drage ,the formula i already applied will be disturb



Your question seems related to how you create formula as much as the formula itself. Best way, post a workbook containing an example of what you want to do.
Variatus (rep: 2938) May 9, '18 at 8:47 pm
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If what your are trying to do is add cell A1 on Sheet1 and cell A1 on Sheet2 and have the answer (total) be in cell A1 on Sheet3 then insert this formula in cell A1 on Sheet3:    =Sheet1!A1+Sheet2!A1.


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