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when i entered 002566 or something with 0, 0 disappers. How can i add 0 before a number.



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don (rep: 1521) Feb 6, '18 at 10:47 am
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There are two ways.

  1. Enter the number as text.
    For this purpose you can eitehr set the cell format as Text or you can precede the number with an apostrophe. Enterint '002566 will show the elading zeroes. The apostrophe will remain invisible but use of the number for calculations will be limited.
  2. Set a custom number format for the cell.
    This will only work for you if the number of digits is known. The number format "000000" will cause the cell so formated to display any number with six digits, filling the missing digits with leading zeroes. the number 1 will be displayed as 000001.
    To set the number format select Format Cells from the right-click or Format menus, on the Number tab select Custom and enter the desired format in the Type field (without quuotation marks).

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