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Formula help!!


Hi there,

Really struggling with this one.

I currently have two worksheets (BOM and WIP).  Both contain three columns (Stock code, Description, Quantity).

The stock code column contains numeric and alphanumeric stock codes.  The stock code column does contain duplicate references on both worksheets.  There are stock codes that appear on one worksheet but not on the other.

Is there a way of matching the stock codes on both worksheets and offsetting the quatities against each other to see what's outstanding on both worksheets?



Please update your question and change the title to reflect your question.
don (rep: 1989) Jan 20, '18 at 8:30 am
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So I took your data, broke it down to BOM & WIP, put them on COMBINED wks, then Created a Pivot table on you data (see Pivot tab).  I believe where there are BLANKS there was no data for that column/category.  Fairly simple to do, Copy data into one sheet, gave them each the SOURCE (BOM or WIP) where they came from and created Pivot table.  Good luck


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