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Make a Month Equal a number


I want to make a word equal a number. This way when I click on the word while entering a formula in another cell, it will calculate with a number not the word. 

I want January to equal 1, February to equal 2, March to equal 3, April to equal 4, May to equal 5, June to equal 6, July to equal 7, August to equal 8, September to equal 9, October to equal 10, November to equal 11, and December to equal 12. 

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This formula will do the job.


In this formula, A2 holds the written name of the month. If it doesn't an error occurs which the formula will catch and return zero.

And this is how it works:-
=DATEVALUE("January 1") returns a valid date (in the current year) from which the MONTH() function extracts the month's number.


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