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How to unlock protected excel workbook without passward.?



   I have protected excel sheet in MS Office 2007 before couple of months & now i have forgot the passward.

I am doing MSA & SPC in which i have protected some cells at begining & now i need to update some formulas. But i cant remember the passward.

Kindly help me to unlock the sheet without passward or inform me about passward recovery option.

Thanks & Regards,

D More.




I have read that more people get shot with their own guns than with the guns of others. It's the same with Excel passwords, lol: They keep only the innocent out, most frequently their owner. But you are right. Anybody can break an Excel password. Here is how.

BTW, the password you will get need not necessarily the one you forgot, just one which will unlock the sheet.



Did you get your worksheet unlocked successfully? Please share your experience.
Variatus (rep: 4879) Jan 1, '18 at 7:34 pm
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