Excel is cloning my entries


I am using excel to make a meeting index. I enter a few items of text into a cell, using ALT+ENTER to create line breaks between items.

Later, I add more items in the same cell. When I press ENTER, excel clones all the previous text in the cell and adds it above the new entry.

How can I stop it cloning previous text?

Thanks, David 



Does the same thing happen when you use the formula bar to make your entry instead of writing in the cell? Are your cells merged?
Variatus (rep: 2688) Nov 20, '17 at 9:07 pm
Also, if you have a macro-enabled worksheet, disable macros and try it again and see if that makes a difference.
don (rep: 1665) Nov 21, '17 at 3:46 am
Try changing settings in Options.  In XL2010, it is under
File Options Advanced, uncheck Transition Formula Entry under the Lotus compatibility.
queue (rep: 432) Nov 21, '17 at 9:25 am
David, did you ever figure out what caused the issue?
don (rep: 1665) Nov 27, '17 at 6:28 am
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