learned in the ways of excel, I am not


Please help. I do not know a lot about Excel and I don't know if what I need is even possible. I need to track sick time for employees. They get 1 hour of sick for every 30 hours worked. Can someone please tell me how to do this? Is it possible? please-please, thank you very much :)



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Yes. This is bread-and-butter stuff for Excel.

The way to go about it is to design an Excel sheet in which you can enter all the data and all the results, based on the question "how much sick time does this employee have". Try to design one row for each employee. Then add columns for when he started work and when he finished, and how many hours of work is that? Then a column for how much sick leave can de deduced from the total hours worked and, perhaps, how much sick leave he took and how much he has left or exceeded his due.

You will find that some of the data must be entered while others can be calculated. So, you figure out how you are going to capture the data that must be entered, and you search Excel and the web for formulas to do the calculations. Finally, on that last bit, if you really get stuck, come back here and someone will help you to the next column.


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