Combining sheets from more than one workbook


I share a workbook with my band memebers via email , each member then fills in a list of songs that they want to learn to play.

I then have to consilidate the list together so that I  can rank the songs , so we have a learning schedule.

the tedious part of the task is copying the lists from each member into a central sheet.

any ideas on how to automate this would great 



Look at the list of "Other questions" on the left of your screen. You will find inspiration, if not a solution. Perhaps you will find a solution there which could be tweaked to meet your requirements. Once you better know what you want - expressed in Excel terms - it will be easier to help you.
Variatus (rep: 2215) Oct 21, '17 at 5:34 am
Try Google Docs - it's free and I feel like it should be easy to do what you want.

(not an Excel solution, but figured I'd mention it)
don (rep: 1492) Oct 23, '17 at 11:04 am
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