How to remove "Drop column fields here" in excel



How to remove "Drop column fields here" in excel?

Can someone help me here?

Thank you




So, it would be nice to have an example of what in the world you are talking about! However, I'm GUESSING that you are attempting to create a pivot table? ? ? ? ? ? ? 

Once you populate the Parameters ( Row, Column, Data and sometimes Report Filter) these ('Drop column fields...') will go away.  Place your cursor in the 'Box' (it's the outline for the Pivot Table), this should display the PIVOT TABLE FIELD LIST from which you can put the info in those AREAS of the pivot table.

Please help us HELP you - give more details and an example. 



I am creating a pivot table and see the "Drop column fields here" in excel? How to remove the "Drop column fields here" from the excel? Can someone help me here?
chandusworld Oct 20, '17 at 12:31 pm
highlight an item from the field list, drag it to Column, Row Etc
queue (rep: 467) Oct 20, '17 at 12:33 pm
Queue thanks for the response.

I just want to get rid of those extra Column, Row from the excel.
chandusworld Oct 20, '17 at 12:38 pm
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