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I'm creating the same worksheet template multiple times within the same workbook (each sheet will have different info entered), is there any way to hold the page margins, scaling and print range from the first worksheet? All my other formatting follows (formulas, fonts, cell width/height, etc.) but not the print formatting.

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The suggestion above from Variatus is the method commonly followed. However, if the pages have already been created, several changes made and rather difficult to start by copying the first page again,

> Note the scale you want > CTRL+click each worksheet tab > File menu > Page Setup > Enter desired scales > OK.



Worked perfectly, thank you!
Barb (rep: 2) Sep 29, '17 at 12:00 pm
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A copy you make of the first sheet would have all the formatting you want to preserve. The you select all (click on the little square in the top left corner where the vertical and horizontal rulers meet) and press the Delete button. That will remove all contents, leaving the formatting in place.


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