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can someone help me i want to create two extra column one % running total and one % contribution in a pivot.
in the attachment you can find a example what i want.
i want the pivot to look like the table below in the attachment the pivot.(see attachment) 

i know i can do it like running total v2 but i do not want the yellow column in the pivot. (see attachment)



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Ok, "Take 2! " this time file s/b attached

*file wasnt attached...s/b now

Sort of hard without data, but check out the file attached.  I used different cell references ( the $'s in the formulas)



witch attechment you reference in your answer
hunselnarie (rep: 2) Sep 13, '17 at 5:02 am
still see no file attached to the answer ;-(
hunselnarie (rep: 2) Sep 19, '17 at 9:15 am
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