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my question is

(1) suppose a figure 123.55 in an Excel sheet A1, i want to set a formula in Excel sheet A2. for rounding off figure 0.45.

(2) When i changed sheet A1 figure then automatic change in A2 figure.

sum examle are given below showing when change the figure.

 Sheet A1 (amount)                             Sheet A2 (Round off amount)

     155.55                                                        +0.45

     205.60                                                        +0.40

     170.20                                                        -0.20 

      163.23                                                       -0.23

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Please look at/look up the ROUND function in excel - it will give you good info on how to accomplish this.  But in cell A1 - copy this formula (Without the quotes) "=ROUND(A1,0)" to Cell A2.  Then copy the formula in A2 to the end of your data.

So Cell A2 shows "=ROUND(A1,0)"; B2 shows "=ROUND(B1,0)"; C2 shows "=ROUND(C1,0)";  etc. capiche?!



ok but your meaning if in "sheet A1 amount 155.55 then showing round off amount 156 in sheet A2" acording to your formula, but i want if in sheet A1 155.55 then showing round of amount 0.45 in sheet A2.
mithun (rep: 2) Aug 26, '17 at 12:59 am
Then you have to use the formula which I suggested. The formula in this answer doesn't do what you want.
Variatus (rep: 2504) Aug 26, '17 at 2:26 am
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Try this formula.


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