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I can create dropdown lists with Data Validation in Excel for Mac 2011 and it seems generally fine, but I have to scroll through the entire list to get down to the place where the words begin with, for example. "Pe ...".

I would expect that Excel immediately jump to the first of the letters I enter.

One of my lists has 538 entries (record companies).



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Hi and welcome to the forum!

Here is a great tutorial with lots of information on how to do what you want.

Data Validation Dropdown Combo Box

This tutorial makes it so the cell with the drop down menu automatically opens up a combobox when you double-click it and you should be able to use that combobox to get the results that you want.

I know I am supposed to post the basic information here in case that link fails in the future but there are just waaaaay too many steps involved. Essentially, you do what Variatus says, but you add a few more steps to make it a bit more user-friendly. Also, the macro they use to make the combobox's appear is quite cool!



Thanks for the welcome statement :-)
My problem(s) seems to be, that I'm running Excel 2011 for Mac and that I don't understand one word of VBA.
Thank you for the link. It provides a understandable tutotial for creating a model for what I want to do. Unfortunately it doesn't work for me since my version of Excel (14.7.2 - 2011 for Mac) obviously is very different from other versions. Therefore I am not able to follow the step-by-stem tutorials - including the one from your link.
Towle (rep: 4) Aug 5, '17 at 5:35 am
You have already accepted an answer to your question. Also, I believe your question isn't quite the same anymore. Rephrase your question and ask it again.
Variatus (rep: 4088) Aug 5, '17 at 5:39 am
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Use an ActiveX combo box instead of the data validation.


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