Saving formatted columns


I've just formatted columns on a CSV spread sheet.  I "save as" , but when I reopen it converts back to the unformated view. Please advise. Thank you.




Please elaborate....Give more details and an Example.  Not sure what you mean by keeping formatting?  Are you talking about Leading zeros???   If so, you will need to use =Text(A1, "0000000").  But it's pretty difficult to figure out 1 out of the thousand of things you could be doing!   Upload a spread sheet PLEASE!

ROUND 2:  If you are looking for double quotes both before and after, you will need to create a CUSTOM cell Format.  Go to: Format,   Cells,   Custom.  then type in  \"@\".  You can then use this to format your cells. (you could even Set it in one cell and then COPY FORMATTING to the Other cells.  I'd love to help you but you need more info!!!!



Thank you for your response. I figured it out.  ð
Lgsalem Aug 3, '17 at 7:00 pm
Did I help??? if so kindly give some credit. thanks
queue (rep: 432) Aug 4, '17 at 9:37 am
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