Using and external file


   the current  formula  ='[OH_20170718.XLS]01'!G23.

What i  NEED  is the   section OH_20170718  to be pulled  from  a  fix  cell in the  file
where   the data  can be located.



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Hmmm....I may be able to assist but can you provide a sample file WITH the results you expect?



yes  but  i am  i  totally  new  to this  group and i  do not  know how  too 
 ping me  at  [EDIT]  and will send you the  file
anhirst (rep: 2) Jul 19, '17 at 10:25 am
no can do on sending file.
queue (rep: 373) Jul 19, '17 at 10:29 am
Whoa anhirst, BAD idea to post your email publicly on the internet, spammers will  find that and you will not like the result - I removed it for you.

If you read the rules or help section of the forum, both of which are linked to at the top of all pages in the forum, you would know how to do everything. To include a sample file, edit your question and upload the file there and we will get a notification that you did that.
don (rep: 1521) Jul 20, '17 at 7:28 am
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