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Hi, I am building a 41 week timetable and am hitting an issue with forwarding data from one week to the next. I need to have hours totals so I'm using 3 columns, R, S and T.

R for hours worked that week, S to bring forward the previous week's hours and T to show a running total all hours worked as each week passes.

On week 1,

In column R I'm using =SUM(C6:Q6) for hours worked that week.

with nothing in column S because it's the first week and there is nothing to bring forward.

In column T I used =R6+S6.

My issue is that when I get to week 2, in column S, I tried using =week1!T6 to bring forward the previous week's hours and it didn't work.

I would appreciate any help you can offer with this, thanks in advance.




Seems a bit overly complicated but without seeing an actual sample sheet, it's hard to tell. Perhaps you could attach one.  At any rate, I assume the tab of the sheet this is all on is called "week". Specifying it in the formula is not necessary. You could just have
gebobs (rep: 30) May 16, '17 at 10:46 am
Agreed with gebobs, you need to update your answer with a sample file to get more accurate help. Otherwise I would just guess that you entered the formula incorrectly.
don (rep: 1551) May 16, '17 at 11:54 am
Thanks guys, I'll try your suggestion tomorrow and if it doesn't work I assume I can post a sheet page to help explain it?
Davie May 16, '17 at 8:22 pm
Yes, you just Edit your question and upload a sample file in Excel and we should both get a notification that you did this.
don (rep: 1551) May 17, '17 at 3:10 am
Hi guys, I've edited my initial question to include a sample of part of the first week of my timetable along with what I hope is a clear explanation of what I need the timetable to do. I look forward to your reply, thanks again.
Davie May 17, '17 at 10:51 am
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