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I am trying to create a tennis model and i would like to create two macro buttons which when clicked would add points to each player.

For example the first button says "Player A" and the second "Player B" and if i click on player A then a specified cell will change from 0 to 15, if i click a second time it changes to 30 - basically following the tennis scoring system. This would also be the same from the second button only this time going to a different cell for player B. If i then click at the game winning point then both cells will revert back to 0 and a 1 will appear in another box which is used to tally the number of games. This wil continue until i have a set winner and another box for the number of sets changes to 1 etc etc.

Bit tricky but any help would be appreciated.




Specifically list the scoring system and the point brackets and at which number it reverts to 0 etc. This is a really easy thing to do and only requires an IF statement or Select Case statement and changing the value of a few cells. Also, if you upload a template of how you want it to look, it will be easier to submit more specific help.
don (rep: 1492) May 11, '17 at 10:30 am
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