i am trying to make a chart showing likert data 

i wanted to show negative per/centages neutral for "indifferent" and positive %. how do i do that in pivot chart



Honestly, that's above my 'pay-grade' lol. Sorry :/ If you can provide a sample worksheet with a specific Excel related query pertaining to the data then it would be much easier to help.
don (rep: 1482) Apr 26, '17 at 9:09 am
I think i sort of figured out how they made it. I saw this and loved the chart with 0 resting in the middle of the indifferent variable. i guess i need to $ to get it or cheat excel by making two separate columns for the indifferent values and separaating them with equal values. smtg like that. thanks though
anti Apr 27, '17 at 7:50 am
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