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i have 3 column JAn, Feb, Mar.

if values are present in all A1,B1,C1 column then display "30-90".

if values are present only in A1,B1 not in C1 column then display as "30-60".

If values are present only in A1 and not in B1,C1 then display as "#N/A".

Please let me kw the solution soon as possible, Screenshot is as below.




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Hello Thanks for your reply. But when i copied same and checked
I got "30-90"  as all fianl values.
seems synatx is ryt, but i dont kw whats the prob
Teku Apr 6, '17 at 1:33 pm
You must have copied it wrong or something else is going on. Upload a sample file with an example of how you want it to look because it seems like you must have described it incorrectly. The formula that I made does exactly what you asked for in your question.
don (rep: 1506) Apr 6, '17 at 1:47 pm
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