Plot and Name Map Coordinates in Excel


I have three columns: column A contains the name of the point (Point 1, Point 2, etc) column B contains the Easting(x) and column C contains the Northing(y).

I want to be able to format for 200 points but not have the blank points show in a legend.

I have tried to create x,y plots but seem to be required to enter each point separately. Additionally, it seems Excel wants to put each one in a legend, even if there is no data associated.

Is there a less tedious way to do so?  Thank you.




Hi there!

Why not just sort the data so the empty values are on the bottom and then select the other values to be on the chart?



Thank you for your response; however, my main issue is the graphing of the points themselves.  In completing the graph points there is the series name, the x value and series y value.  If each point is its own series with its own name, how can I enter the data in one entry rather than entering each one separately?  Is it possible without using vba?
Again thank you for the suggestion.
neo Mar 27, '17 at 9:45 am
Update your question and provide a sample file. I'm sure the solution is not difficult, but it'd be easier to see exactly whats going on.
cappymer1 (rep: 120) Mar 28, '17 at 5:58 am
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