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Prevent duplicate data entries from being imported from the Web.


Hello, I am a beginner at excel. I am trying to import some data from charts that are on the web using this method:

-Data Tab

-From Web

-Entered Web address.

-Clicked on the yellow arrow where the chart is located on the web page (yellow box, turned green)

-Clicked on Import

THIS IS WHERE MY PROBLEM IS. When the chart loads there are duplicate entries with slightly different variables. Is there a macro or formula that I can utilize to remove the duplicate entries permanently, everytime I am going to refresh the data from the web?




The easiest way is to go to the data tab and click the Remove Duplicates button.

A macro can be created to automated the use of this feature but might not really be worth it since it's so easy to remove duplicates in Excel 2007.

If your data "duplicates" have variations though, you would need to provide a sample of the data and then, depending on the situation, a macro could be made to remove all entries that have a certain pattern.


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