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Hello, I am having probles with IF statements. Can someone please help me. I am really confused on this. Thanks

=IF(and(AN3>=TODAY(),BD3>=0),"Open","Closed") & IF(and(AN3>=TODAY(),BD3>=1),"Funds remain","Research"))))



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You need to nest the functions.

However, I can't quite tell how you would put those two IF statements togethe since they both output different results.

Update your question with a sample file showing the result that you would like to get and I can better help you.


I think one of these IF statements might be what you are looking for:

=IF(AN3>=TODAY(),"Open",IF(OR(BD3>=1,AND(BD3<1,BD3>=0)),"Closed & Funds remain","Closed & Research"))


=IF(AN3>=TODAY(),"Open",IF(BD3>0,"Closed & Funds remain","Closed & Research"))


I have an end date (cell) and a funding (cell). I want the formula to tel me if te end date cell has expired and the funding cell has zero amount remaining than suubmit final paperwork to close task, but if there is funding still avaliable and the end date has expire, I want it to say fuding stilll remaining after expired date.Would that be an IF(AND(OR....... statement?
dfuqua4a (rep: 2) Oct 17, '16 at 5:31 am
Update your question with this information please! That helps people who read this in the future.
don (rep: 1551) Oct 17, '16 at 4:17 pm
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