Print the Current Date or Time in Excel

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How to print the current date and or time on an Excel spreadsheet.

This is a simple technique that allows you to display the date and or time in the footer or header of the spreadsheet without it being visible when working in Excel.

Steps to Print the Date/Time in Excel

  1. Go to the View tab and click the Page Layout button.
  2. Now, you will see the spreadsheet divided into pages, which is how it will look when it is printed.  Click the top of the page to add a header, where is says "Click to add header", or the bottom to add a footer, where it says "Click to add footer".

    I will add the date/time in the footer.  When you do this, you can click the middle, left, or right side, depending on where you want the data to appear in the footer.

  3. Once you click in the footer, a new tab called Design should have opened up with options for what you can put into the footer and header.  Let's click Current Date and then hit the space bar to put a space before the time and then click Current Time.

  4. If we now go to Print Preview, we can see the date and time at the bottom of our page.


This is a very simple feature yet it can be very helpful.  Often, this can eliminate the need for displaying a date/time inside the worksheet, which, in order to make current, takes a little programming

Make sure to download the sample workbook so you can see this example in action.

Downloadable Files: Excel File

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