Make Y Axis Start at 0 in Charts in Excel

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How to make the Y axis start at 0 in charts in Excel. This is a simple formatting issue.

  1. Select the Chart and go to the Layout tab (that is visible only when you select a chart).
  2. Click the Axes button and go to Primary Vertical Axis and then More Primary Vertical Axis Options...

  3. You will now be in the Format Axis window.
    Look to the top and next to where it says Minimum click the circle for Fixed and enter a 0 (zero). (If your window doesn't look like this, make sure you have selected the Axis Options category from the left side of the Format Axis window)
  4. Hit Close and that's it!

Note: You can start the Y axis at any number; instead of typing a zero for step 3, input the desired number.


This is a simple yet important thing to know how to do in Excel. That is because Excel will guess what you want the starting unit to be for the Y axis and it doesn't always know what you want.

Make sure to download the Excel file that accompanies this tutorial to see this example in the spreadsheet.

Downloadable Files: Excel File

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